Redesigning the Website. Part 3.

New look web site
New look web site

It’s been a long time since the last post and that’s because I got caught up in creating the content, images and actually coding the new site.

It’s Live!

Yes, it’s finished, uploaded and you can now view the new website.

It’s bugged!

I pushed myself to learn new things as I developed the site:

  • SVG files for images
  • A custom grid framework for my CSS based (very loosely) on parts of Twitter Bootstrap. (Thanks to Dan for the advice).
  • My own hand-coded, pure javascript lightbox that should fallback nicely if Javascript isn’t available.
  • Totally rewriting the content.
  • Using a CSS only responsive Navigation Menu.

It proved a massive task and I was so pleased when I finally uploaded it and it looked great on my Android phone, Mac Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

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Redesigning the Website. Part two.

Branding has been the focus for the last couple of weeks since I wrote part one.

One of the toughest clients a designer can face is themselves! So, I have tried to approach this as I would any other job and forget that I am my own client.

As a start, I created and filled in my own project brief which helped focus my thoughts on who I am, who I want to target and the best ways to portray my personality. This will all come in useful later when developing new content for the site.

Checking out the competition

The next stage was the ‘Competitive Audit’ where I spent time developing a list of websites by other freelancers and design agencies so I could really get an idea of which direction to head in. I developed 2 questionnaires for each of the competition, one to be filled in by Users (people who could be prospective clients) to discover what they like and dislike about the sites. The second form was for myself to make notes regarding what I thought worked and didn’t.

Those amazing, creative freelancers!

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Creating Characters part 1

It can be hard to balance learning with creating final products. I concentrate too much on the former, always thinking there is more to understand before my work is good enough to show.

I’m trying to get over this habit and thought I’d share some of the sketches for my final characters based on the exercises in book, Creating Characters with Personality by Tom Bancroft.

Hopefully, this will give me incentive to finish them soon for part 2.

Thanks for reading!

Rediscovering drawing

Have you ever felt that you have run out of creative energy and the daily work of a jobbing designer with tight deadlines is just grinding out the same rushed layout over and over…repeat…repeat?

I have for a long time, but recently had a couple of requests for illustrations and you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed them! I was reminded of when I was a child and would spend days lost in my drawing with my tongue sticking out (a habit I have when concentrating and in the zone!), oblivious to the world around me and time passing.

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