Redesigning the Website. Part 3.

New look web site
New look web site

It’s been a long time since the last post and that’s because I got caught up in creating the content, images and actually coding the new site.

It’s Live!

Yes, it’s finished, uploaded and you can now view the new website.

It’s bugged!

I pushed myself to learn new things as I developed the site:

  • SVG files for images
  • A custom grid framework for my CSS based (very loosely) on parts of Twitter Bootstrap. (Thanks to Dan for the advice).
  • My own hand-coded, pure javascript lightbox that should fallback nicely if Javascript isn’t available.
  • Totally rewriting the content.
  • Using a CSS only responsive Navigation Menu.

It proved a massive task and I was so pleased when I finally uploaded it and it looked great on my Android phone, Mac Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

Then, I checked it on a friends Windows phone and my heart sank.

The Bug List

So, I’m calling the current site version 0.8 and written a list of bugs to fix, including:

  • SVG images and background aren’t displaying properly in Windows IE. Some of this, I have fixed by learning more about viewbox with the help of Scaling SVGs on CSS Tricks and SVG Coordinate Systems on Sara Soueidan’s Blog.
  • The text in my Lightbox when viewed landscape is likely to cover the image. I can fix this by adding to the Javascript.
  • The CSS Navigation Menu was a bit flunky on Windows phones but, after browsing the web, I think it’s fixed. Do let me know otherwise.

There’s a lot more, I also want to explore the logo a bit more. Let me know what you think of it. A few people have suggested it’s too geometric. I may post some other ideas I had and get some voting going on.

This is not the end

I thought the journey was over, I’ve learnt a lot and now need to learn more. At least I now know what I don’t know! The answers should be easier to find.

Thanks for reading and please have a look at the new site, test it out and help me add errors to my bug list!


Author: Gaz

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