Top 10 Recent Animated Films

Over the weekend I decided to think about what animated films produced over the last 30 years would be in my top 10. I hope this inspires you to watch any that you haven’t seen. Please let me know if there are any  animated films you think should be there.

Here is the list:

  1. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
    I love the mad ideas, animation and fun character design in this film. A great 3d animated film in the style of a 2D one. The second is still good but not a patch on the first.
  2. How to Train your Dragon 2
    Both How to Train your Dragon films are great, but some of the dragons antics in the background of the scenes are so well done in this second one, and the film looks stunning!
  3. Wall-E
    The first half of Wall-E is beautiful and every scene is timed perfectly. A great film throughout but a somewhat predictable second half.
  4. Coraline
    A brilliant, dark stop-motion animated film that is genuinely creepy from Laika. The style works perfectly.
  5. Big Hero 6
    Beautifully rendered CG animated film with a different style for Disney. The excellent comedic timing and great main character are a joy in the first half of the film.
  6. Iron Giant
    A stunning traditional and computer animated film with a great, emotional story that will draw you in.
  7. Princess Mononoke
    Any Studio Ghibli film could appear here for animation quality, but this is the first one I saw and it made me hunt out the rest.
  8. Up
    Great looking Pixar film and who could forget the first 20 emotional minutes.
  9. Bolt
    An interesting painterly style to the environments in this 3D film lifts the standard, but fun, story.
  10. Ice Age
    The first and the best of the Ice Age films. An interesting style for the time and Scrat’s antics add some great humorous touches.

Right, back to drawing fro me now…

Author: Gaz

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