Re…Drawing: The Start

All the Santa elephants illustration.

My main reason for taking up the pencil again was to help with my 3D work. I love character animation and really would enjoy creating an animated short…I’ve never been happy with any characters I’ve designed though.

So, my plan started with picking up Creating Characters with Personality by Tom Bancroft. Overall, a very useful book that I’ll review in detail another time. One thing I like is that–as you work through the book–you build your own cast of characters for a fictional animation, so you  learn by doing.

Shortly after, I was asked  to create an illustration of some cartoon Elephant Santas for a charity fun run and, although this wasn’t used, this was my chance to put my new knowledge into practice for the first time!

After the obligatory Google search, I spent time creating rough sketches and simplifying the shapes until I had hit the cute look I was after.

Elephant Santa sketches.
Elephant Santa sketches.

I then took these scanned sketches into iDraw (doing my best to be Adobe free-I love the programmes but am not a fan of subscription only services) and proceeded to outline the artwork, trying to maintain a hand drawn look.

elephant santa drawing
Work in progress. Outline started in iDraw.

Heres the final illustration. To see more of my work, please have a look at my portfolio.

All the Santa elephants illustration.
All the Santa elephants.

I’m still working on my cast of characters for the book and will post my designs in the future.

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