Re…Draw: Gesture Drawing

Gesture sketches 1
Quick gesture sketches.

Well, I’ve been spending some time each day improving my figure drawing skills and anatomy knowledge and thought I’d post one of my recent pages from my sketch book. These are 2 minute drawings with the help of the Vilppu Drawing Manual (which is an excellent, interesting book to learn from).

As I don’t currently attend life drawing classes I found an excellent resource online that helps to recreate the life drawing environment- You can pick from timed lessons for faces, bodies, animals, hands and feet etc. They have interesting articles for the artist and a friendly forum too.

My current schedule is:

  • 15mins of 30 second to 2 minute gesture drawing.
  • 30mins improving my anatomy knowledge.
  • Any other time available spent drawing from my imagination, practicing perspective/foreshortening, reading and adding to my knowledge.

Thanks for reading and hope you find this of use.

Author: Gaz

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