Rediscovering drawing

Have you ever felt that you have run out of creative energy and the daily work of a jobbing designer with tight deadlines is just grinding out the same rushed layout over and over…repeat…repeat?

I have for a long time, but recently had a couple of requests for illustrations and you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed them! I was reminded of when I was a child and would spend days lost in my drawing with my tongue sticking out (a habit I have when concentrating and in the zone!), oblivious to the world around me and time passing.

Now I understand that, although I was told throughout my younger days I was a talented artist, there is so much that I don’t know and School, Art College and University never even approached. Yes, we did life drawing but there was no hint at even basic lessons on anatomy. The rules of perspective were briefly brushed upon but quickly brushed aside. It was a great time to experiment and be creative and have fun but it could have been so much more. I will admit that (at University) I was partly to blame–I was young. Enough said!

I need to understand so much and have that childlike enthusiasm to fill my brain with information and re-release the creative artist in me.

The main issue is…

A full time job and a feeling of lack of time!

So I have decided to make a plan. I have read articles, blogs and books about time management which I will link to in future blogs. I’ve dug out all my old art books, purchased new ones and have begun a new journey full of confidence.

This will be an account of my journey, a hopefully positive story that will help inspire others and keep me on the right track. If you have any comments, help or ideas to share it would be great to have company as I go.


Author: Gaz

Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Based in Chester, Cheshire Designer offers great value design and branding for local startups, charities and established businesses.

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