Creating the American Diner Illustration

diner cover

So heres a quick insight into my workflow for the cover for Spotlight Performing Arts Summer Show programme.

The show is set in a 50s American Diner called Fat Tony’s. I didn’t know what the running order was so I decided to concentrate on the sign as the focus point that would also double up as the title with a diner in the background.

  • Step 1: The first step was to look at reference material online via google. I created a folder full of diner, fashion and signs that would be useful.
  • Step 2: Using the downloaded images for inspiration, I roughed out the look of the sign and diner with some notes on detail work to give the diner a 50s feel. I also decided on a colour palette that was based on posters and signs of the era.
  • Step 3: Using 2 point perspective, I drew out the final sign and diner outlines separately and scanned in to computer.
  • Step 4: Using my newly purchased copy of Affinity Designer, I outlined the artwork and added base colours. I then pixel painted the shadows and highlights where needed and built up a quick background.

The gallery below shows some of these steps.

I hope this is of some interest to you.

Author: Gaz

Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Based in Chester, Cheshire Designer offers great value design and branding for local startups, charities and established businesses.