A perspective on perspective drawing

I’ve recently taken a break from character work to explore more about perspective drawing to help with the creation of final portfolio pieces. Throwing myself into a few new (and old) books, I thought I’d discuss my impression of them with some mini reviews.

The books I have studied are:

How to Draw: Drawing and Sketching Objects and Environments from Your Imagination by Scott Robinson

This is an impressive volume that goes into tremendous detail about line art and perspective drawing. Full of very useful information and practice lessons, it is also very technical in its approach and may not be suited to more creative minds or beginners.

I found parts were hard to follow but liked the idea of videos for each area that you can access on the internet to help clarify the text.

How to Render by Scott Robinson

A companion book to How to Draw, covering light, shadow and shading, I find this an easier read than the first book by Scott Robinson. It follows a similar format, with exercises and videos to watch and I can really recommend it to help with rendering, shading and understanding how light works.

Both of Scotts books are massive, full of information and good value. I would not suggest them to a beginner as they are very technical and can be hard to follow in places.

Perspective Drawing Handbook by Joseph D’Amelio

A perfect book for a beginner, covering the basics of perspective drawing and shadows. This is written in a friendly, easy follow way and I actually enjoyed reading it and putting into practice the knowledge gained.

Highly recommended for the creative artist, the novice or someone who wants a quick, informal but fairly thorough overview of perspective drawing and shading.

Successful Drawing by Andrew Loomis

This also has a section on perspective and covers many more aspects of illustration, including figure drawing. Most of the books by Andrew Loomis are full of useful information but I find the old fashioned writing and layout hard going sometimes.

I hope this has been useful to you and I’ll post some of my drawings soon.

Author: Gaz

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